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Mac IE 4 (final) 'features'

In a message on the www-style list, William Humphries notes that attribute values of % and em, used on margin-left, do not behave as expected.

The attribute margin-left using percent or em units seems to be wonky as well, the left margin appears about 40% of the way across the page.

 <HTML><HEAD><title>test</title></HEAD><body style="margin-left: 20%;"> <p>a test case</p></body></html>

Try various percentages and it looks as if IE multiplies the margin-left value by a factor of two when it displays the body.

Using px, margin-left works as advertised.

Eric Meyer commented, in ciwa-stylesheets, on several 'features' of the Mac IE4 CSS implementation.

Anyway, a few of the new things supported:

Speaking of borders, try this for a test:

 <P style="border-right: double medium red;"> This is a paragraph. </P>

On my screen, I get the right border all the way at the right edge of the screen. The question is whether or not it is correct to assume that an element's box defaults to a width of 100% of the browser window. Personally, I'd say no, because padding defaults to zero. I believe the Win95 version does the same thing.

Also, if you assign a border width for a single side (as in 'border-top-width: 10px;'), MSIE will fill in the border with a random color. Oops. On the other hand, 'border-bottom-width' will assign random colors AND not shift elements to account for the border widths, resulting in some funky text/color overlapping.

In a response in ciwas, Howard Marvel points us to a column from SBN Web Men Talking:

Where Microsoft announces, through a reply to a complaint, that the inheritance of style has radically changed from the 3x implementation.

"With standards come minor changes from the way one might have been doing things. This applies to inheritance for tables in Internet Explorer 4.0 . Tables are now treated the same as an HTML formatting element, such as H1 or H2 heading levels, which means that the <TABLE> tag will not inherit style attributes from previously defined styles. Therefore, not all the font attributes are going to be automatically inherited, including font-size. This definitely differs from Internet Explorer 3.02 , in which tables were looked at as any other element in your page, causing tables to fall under the CSS inheritance rules."

Howard goes on to share the following:

 <TABLE BORDER=0 style="width:100%" cellspacing=0> <COLGROUP> <COL WIDTH="50%" ALIGN=LEFT> <COL WIDTH="50%" ALIGN=RIGHT> </COLGROUP> <TR><TH>Office</TH><TH>Home</TH></TR> <TR><TD> et cetera

This should yield a full width table with no gaps between cells. Now suppose you define TH {border-bottom:solid;border-color:#C80000;} The border under the cells should be continuous, right? It is under MSIE W95, gap under MSIE, Mac. More importantly, the width:100% is ignored. Finally, the TH elements for the Mac assume you want them centered, and the ALIGN=RIGHT is ignored. Same result if you replace the ALIGN=RIGHT with style="text-align:right" More distressing: if you put these styles in for the TH elements directly, they are ignored. Yuck. You can, however, change other parameters, such as font-family.

Since he had our attention, Howard includes:

HMMM, more strangeness, some of it amusing. Microsoft has kept around the ability to do visual basic scripting, but does not support it on the Mac version. Seems like a rather interesting screw-up.

Notice that the much maligned center tag appears to be ignored inside a body tag, at least for some purposes. Example: look at Note the center tag before the first DIV. Note that the body of the page is not centered. For real grins, try this page (also at Discovery Com) and see how much can go wrong in a short time.

Howard also points out:

Here is another problem:

 <P style="border-bottom:solid2em ;border-color:#646464;"> <IMG SRC="h596.GIF" width="420" height="101" alt="Honors Seminar in Economics"> </p><H1 ID=SYL style="text-align:center;border:none">Syllabus</H1>

One would expect that the heading would appear beneath the border. This works properly on Win95, but no extra space is left for the big border on the Mac version.

In a message on the www-style list, William Humphries notes that attribute values of % and em, used on margin-left, do not behave as expected.

Sue Sims