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Netscape losing style

Peter Thompson reported the following problem:

There was a thread about this in the group a while ago, but as far as I can see it never led to a clear conclusion.

There's a known problem that NN4 does not apply styles specified for BODY to the contents of tables. However, it seems as though *sometimes* it doesn't apply them to text outside a table, which follows a table. See for instance

and the "next section",

For me anyway (NN4.02 on Win95) the text after the table in appendix is in my default font (Times), whereas in budget it's in a sans-serif font like the rest of the page and as specified by the stylesheet. This hasn't always been consistent, though. How does it look to other people?

All the optional closing tags for table elements are there in both cases. I guess I could work around by putting everything after the table into a DIV.

Suggestion: Sometimes, redundancy can be a Good Thing. In this case, an easier workaround might be to declare your preferred font-family on P, A or ADDRESS in your CSS file. This would offer the benefit of 'correcting' additional documents in the series before they were rendered incorrectly.

Note: Bug report has been filed.

Another Suggestion: Although not the case with the original question, if you experience a problem with selected styles 'disappearing' after a table, check to see that you have explicitly closed <TH>, <TR> and <TD>, to 'work around' a Netscape 'feature', and use redundant declarations if required.

Peter Thompson reported the following problem:

Sue Sims