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Why use External Stylesheets?

Subject: External Style Sheets

Why External Style Sheets? ExperTelligence TechTip #11

There are two main options for using styles in your web pages. You can include all of the style information in each page or you can link to an external stylesheet. By linking to an external stylesheet you can ensure a consistent appearance for every page on your site. Change the linked style sheet and all your pages change. Sounds great, but there must be a catch, right? Well, there is, your pages will get smaller!

Something not many people know about style sheets is how they can make your site more efficient and your pages smaller. Since the style information for all the pages is held in one style sheet that sheet can be downloaded once and then cached on the user's system. Since your pages will have fewer tags, (no more <FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial…" Size="+1"> around every piece of content), they're smaller and download faster.

Subject: External Style Sheets

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