This is a legacy document, and retained on the site in order to avoid link rot. The content is likely no longer (a) accurate, (b) representative of the views and philosophies of current site management, or (c) up to date.


CSSP at Play

This is a test of the functionality of a CSS post it note format. It might work better if justified. Maybe not.
This is the same test, but using a different colour and more text, so that we can determine whether the addition will extend the length of the block correctly.
This is not the same test; this is a similar test which uses absolute positioning (without which, this 'post-it' format would be useless).
This is just to point out that the spellings of colour (color) are both used here, so that AmEng and BrEng speakers will both be accomodated.

Well, I think I've actually found a use for all those color names. If you don't agree, don't bother to tell me, just ignore these tests. ;-)

Thanks to an idea from Debbie C. Sorenson, the stickynote file is available as a text file, to make it easy to 'cut and paste' for your own use. Major caveat: Opera only understands the 16 names colours referenced in CSS1, so the named colours are useless :-(

This is just one more color option (out of a total of 138), and serves as to thank the charter members of the CSS Pointers Group: Toby Brown and Jan Roland Eriksson. Without each of them, this document, and all the others in CSS Pointers, would not exist.

Sue Sims