This is a legacy document, and retained on the site in order to avoid link rot. The content is likely no longer (a) accurate, (b) representative of the views and philosophies of current site management, or (c) up to date.

Old/Fixed CSS Bugs/Workarounds

Opera 3.5+(W=Win) >

CSS Property Behaviour Workaround Notes/Footnotes
font-family: cursive shown as Times New Roman avoid W
line-height >1 numerical markers super-scripted unknown W [examples]

> Internet Explorer 4x (W=Win '95 M=Mac)

CSS Property Behaviour Workaround Notes/Footnotes
Background not applied to entire DIV Fixed in 4.01 M
Border defaults to 100% of browser window set explicit width, Fixed in 4.01 M
border-top-width Random color applied avoid, Fixed in 4.01 M
color anchor NAME is :LINK color Fixed in IE4.01 M4.0
font-size absolute lengths change relative to browser setting Fixed in 4.01 M
font-size When margins/padding declared on HTML element list P,EM,ADDRESS,BIG, font- size declared in em, ex or % fails. Body default (or 14 pt) used. declare either box properties or font-size (not both), Fixed in 4.01 M
File not found If external .css not found, HTML file not rendered Make sure the URI is correct, and the css file is on your server. Fixed in 4.01 M
line-height tables collide with BODY text avoid, Fixed in 4.01 M
margin-left Doubled when % or ems used declare at block level, not on BODY, Fixed in 4.01 M
Padding Block element inside DIV ignores padding See Note M
SPAN extra padding added to spanned content Fixed in 4.01 M
SPAN in Lists excess space added above list Fixed in 4.01 M

Netscape Navigator 4x (W=Win '95 M=Mac S=Solaris)

CSS Property Behaviour Workaround Notes/Footnotes
@import freeze Put @import declarations in a linked stylesheet with media="screen, projection" (Liam's workaround) W (early versions)

Padding Note: Place an empty DIV element with inline STYLE of margin:0 immediately inside the outer DIV, preceding the first Block element inside the outer DIV: e.g. change: <DIV class="outer"> <P style="padding:5px">Here is some text</P> </DIV> To: <DIV class="outer"> <DIV STYLE="margin:0"></DIV> <P style="padding:5px">Here is some text</P> </DIV> ^

Sue Sims