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CSS Examples

Chicago Style by Steve Knoblock

 /* Cascading Style Sheet after Chicago Manual of Style by Steve Knoblock *//* Revision: 7/24/96 *//* Copyright 1996 Steve Knoblock *//* Permission granted to use this style sheet for non-commercial purposes.This style sheet may also be used for commercial purposes by individuals (but not bundledfor resale) on their web site. The author would appreciate a credit if you use this stylesheet. *//* This style sheet closely follows the layout of the Chicago Manual of Style 12th Edition,Revised published by the Universtity of Chicago Press *//* Hypermedia Preferences*/a:link {color: black;text-decoration: none;}a:visited {color: gray;text-decoration: none;}a:active {color: red;}/* Page Layout *//* Margins are set in the Manual to about 10% and 20% of the page width */body {margin-left: 10%;margin-right: 20%;color: black;background: white;font-size: 12pt/14pt;font-family: "Times New Roman", times, serif;}/* Section Title *//* No left margin is spcified as all margins are relative */h1 {margin-left: 15%;margin-right: 12.6%;margin-top: 8pt;margin-bottom: 4pt;font-size: 24pt/26pt;color: black;font-family: "Times New Roman", times, serif;}/* Subheads *//* The subhead and the white space above and below should equal a whole number of text lines. The typeface and size used for the subheads is ideally the sames as those used for the text. The level of heading is indicated by setting type in full caps, small caps or italics. *//* "A" level subheads are set in full caps */h2 {margin-top: 8pt;margin-bottom: 4pt;font-size: 12pt/14pt;text-transform: caps;color: black;font-family: "Times New Roman", times;}/* "B" level subheads are set in small caps. */h3 {margin-top: 8pt;margin-bottom: 4pt;font-size: 12pt/14pt;font-style: small-caps;color: black;font-family: "Times New Roman", times;}/* "C" level subheads (run-in side heads) set in italics. These should be pseudo first-line elements. */h4 {display: inline;margin-top: 8pt;margin-bottom: 4pt;font-style: italic;text-transform: lowercase;font-size: 12pt/14pt;font-family: "Times New Roman, times";}/* Body Text Layout *//* The left edge of the text area starts at about 25% of the page width */p {margin-left: 25%;text-indent: 0%;font-style: normal;font-size: 12pt/14pt;color: black;font-family: "Times New Roman", times;}/* Block quoted text set one point smaller and indented from left. */blockquote {margin-left: 25%;margin-top: 6pt;margin-bottom: 6pt;font-family: "Times New Roman", times;font-size: 11pt/13pt;}/* Table of Contents Layout */h1.toc {margin-right: 40%;margin-top: 8pt;margin-bottom: 4pt;font-size: 24pt/26pt;color: black;font-family: "Times New Roman", times, serif;}ul.toc {font-size: 12pt/14pt;font-family: times;list-style: none;margin-right: 40%;}hr.toc {margin-top: 12pt;margin-bottom: 12pt;}

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