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Last-modified: 2005/01/17
Version: 2.00

comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets FAQ v2.00
-- revision history

This news group FAQ revision history is available on the World Wide Web at…

2004/07/26 - vers. 2.00
  • After some conciderable time far away from home I finally got around to a rewrite of rather large sections of the previous meta-FAQ.
  • A peer review in the ciwas NG took place and the content of the mFAQ list was edited accordingly to produce the version that is now posted to the ciwas NG.
  • Changed version into vers 2.00 as a result of this.
2001/03/10 - vers. 1.95
  • Resources that used to be located in the style.metrius domain moved to the style.cleverchimp domain. Updated links accordingly.
  • Changed version into vers 1.95 as a result of this.
2001/01/31 - vers. 1.94
  • As per suggestion from the moderator of the *.answers usenet hierarchy, the archive name for this meta FAQ-list as used in the RTFM repository , was changed to 'www/stylesheetsnewsgroup-faq'. Reason behind this change was to get a better naming logic for archived material in preparation for an upcoming approval of the ciwas authoring FAQ-list.
  • Included a link in the resource section from the ciwas meta-FAQ to ciwas authoring-FAQ.
  • Changed version into vers 1.94 as a result of this.
2000/12/14 - vers. 1.93
  • Updated the link to Eric Meyer's new Mastergrid location.
  • Updated the link to Todd Farner's new location for his MacIE User Interface.
  • Removed the link to Eric Meyer's old MacIE3 support page (no longer maintained).
  • Added a link to Nick Kew's HTML validator at his "Page Valet" site.
  • Changed version into vers 1.93 as a result of this.
1999/10/03 - vers. 1.92
  • Added a link to Liam Quinn's "A Real Validator".
  • Changed version into vers 1.92 as a result of this.
1999/06/17 - vers. 1.91
  • Updated link to Brian Wilson's new domain.
  • Changed version into vers 1.91 as a result of this.
1999/04/27 - vers. 1.90
  • Changed the URI for Eric Meyers browser compatibility grids to point directly to the master grid.
  • Updated FAQ section 7 to include more info on how to activate stylesheet handling in current browsers.
  • Changed version into vers 1.90 as a result of this.
1998/11/15 - vers. 1.80
  • Added resource pointers for more CSS and HTML validators.
  • Added resource pointers for CSS support in MSIE3.0x
  • Added and updated CSS rules in stylesheet for the web version of this FAQ.
  • Moved the web version of the FAQ to another server.
  • Informed moderators at MIT about changes in header info for the posted version of the FAQ.
  • Changed version into vers 1.80 as a result of this.
1998/07/26 - vers. 1.70
  • Added a directional pointer to comp.text.xml
  • Added a URL for Todd Fahrners Mac IE4.0x stylesheet interface.
  • Added a URL for Liam Quinns WinIE4.0x CSS widgets at the WDG.
  • Added information on how to set up IE3.0x to use a personal stylesheet.
  • Changed version into vers 1.70 as a result of this.
1998/07/20 - vers. 1.60
  • The CSS Pointers page was officially moved to another server.
    URL given in the resource section updated accordingly.
  • Changed version into vers 1.60 as a result of this.
1998/05/27 - vers. 1.50
  • The FAQ was approved for archiving by on May 27, 1998
  • Changed version into vers 1.50 as a result of this change of status.
1998/05/13 - vers. 1.5
  • Changed URL from pointing at the W3C CSS2 proposed recommendation document to point to the currently approved recommendation instead.
  • Included link to the new CSS validator service at the W3C.
  • Included link to Eric A. Meyers CSS1 test suit at the W3C.
  • Included link to Todd Fahrners set of core style sheets at the W3C.
  • Prepared auxiliary header for coming attempt to get FAQ approved.
  • Changed version into vers 1.5 as a result of this revision.
1998/04/18 - vers. 1.4
  • Changed URL from pointing at the W3C CSS2 working document to point to the current proposed recommendation instead.
  • Changed version into vers 1.4 as a result of this revision.
1998/03/25 - vers. 1.3
  • A remark in <comp.text.sgml> indicated the DSSSL mailing list as a better place for questions on DSSSL so I updated FAQ pointer accordingly.
  • Changed version into vers 1.3 as a result of that revision.
1998/02/17 - vers. 1.2
  • Followed a suggestion from the group to move the initial details about the FAQ to the end of the document instead.
  • Introduced a new TOC item to point to the stuff that was moved.
  • Corrected some badly spelled words.
  • Changed version into vers 1.2 as a result of these revisions.
1998/02/15 - vers. 1.1
  • Updated URL for the CSS pointers page.
  • Removed white space between URL's and surrounding angle brackets, after being informed that at least one news reader did not present the FAQ URL's as links because of my included spaces.
  • Changed version into vers 1.1 as a result of these updates.
1998/01/13 - vers. 1.0
  • Changed posting intervals to twice a week on recommendation.
  • Changed version into vers 1.0 to prepare for start of "real" posting.
1998/01/10 - vers. 0.5
  • Added info on CSS enabling in browsers, where missing.
  • Revised old, and included new items as proposed by reviewers of the previous RFD.
  • Added item 7, about how to set up default style sheets.
  • Final touch-up before posting as a Request For Approval.
1998/01/07 - vers. 0.4
  • Final touch-up before posting as a Request For Discussion.
1998/01/06 - vers. 0.3
  • Included item 0, Table of contents.
  • Included item 6, "How to enable style sheets in popular browsers".
  • Minor correction of details.
1998/01/05 - vers. 0.2
  • Corrections after proof reading, and first publishing on the WWW.
1998/01/04 - vers. 0.1
  • Original draft as submitted to S.S. for proof reading.
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