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Last-modified: 2003/04/10
Version: 1.16

ciwas CSS authoring FAQ v1.16
-- revision history

This news group a-FAQ revision history is available on the World Wide Web at… /faq/ciwas-aFAQ-rev.html

2003/04/10 - vers. 1.16
  • Added new Q&A #15 describing the differences between ID and CLASS
2002/08/28 - vers. 1.15
  • Inserted new Q&A #12 describing basics of some browsers method to switch rendering mode based on "sniffing" for specific 'DOCTYPE' declarations in the document prologue.
  • Added new Q&A #14 listing other language versions of this FAQ.
  • Added two new links for HTTP header check sites to Q&A #05.
  • Added Johannes Koch URL for isolation of browsers from buggily supported style rules to Q&A #06.
  • Changed version into vers 1.15 as a result of this.
2001/03/10 - vers. 1.14
  • Resources that used to be located in the style.metrius domain moved to the style.cleverchimp domain. Updated links accordingly.
  • Changed version into vers 1.14 as a result of this.
2001/01/31 - vers. 1.13
  • As per suggestion from the moderator of the *.answers usenet hierarchy, the archive name for this authoring FAQ-list as it will be used in the RTFM repository, was changed to 'www/stylesheets/authoring-faq'. Reason behind this change was to get a better naming logic for archived material in preparation for an upcoming approval of this ciwas authoring FAQ-list.
  • Changed version into vers 1.13 as a result of this.
2000/12/14 - vers. 1.12
  • Updated the link to Eric Meyer's new location for his "Mastergrid" browser CSS compatibility page.
  • Version number set to 1.12
2000/10/12 - vers. 1.11
  • Added link to a new page at, where Matt McIrvin and Todd Fahrner describes the dilemma of authors trying to gain control of client side font presentation.
  • Version number set to 1.11
2000/09/03 - vers. 1.10
  • Inserted Q&A-08 and Q&A-09. Moved previous Q&A-8 to 10 down to become Q&A-10 to 12.
  • Added a link to Nick Kew's "The Page Valet" markup validator.
  • Version number set to 1.10
2000/07/03 - vers. 1.00
  • Scheduled posting of FAQ version 1.00 starts.
  • Version number set to 1.00
2000/06/22 and onwards - vers. 0.11 - 0.15
  • Final grammatical finetuning done after version 0.15
  • The FAQ list gets acceptance from the NG.
  • Input from partisipants in ciwas collected over a series of 5 test posts. Text edited accordingly
2000/06/20 - vers. 0.10
  • First skeleton of FAQ posted to ciwas as a RFD.
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