This is a legacy document, and retained on the site in order to avoid link rot. The content is likely no longer (a) accurate, (b) representative of the views and philosophies of current site management, or (c) up to date.

Font declarations

Font-weight: keyword suggestions

font-style - generic family

font-family: cursive normal
font-family: cursive lighter
font-family: cursive bolder
font-family: cursive bold

font-family: fantasy normal
font-family: fantasy lighter
font-family: fantasy bolder
font-family: fantasy bold

font-family: monospace normal
font-family: monospace lighter
font-family: monospace bolder
font-family: monospace bold

font-family: sans-serif normal
font-family: sans-serif lighter
font-family: sans-serif bolder
font-family: sans-serif bold

font-family: serif normal
font-family: serif lighter
font-family: serif bolder
font-family: serif bold

Keyword suggestions - specific family

font-family: Algerian normal
font-family: Algerian lighter
font-family: Algerian bolder
font-family: Algerian bold

font-family: Antique Olive normal
font-family: Antique Olive lighter
font-family: Antique Olive bolder
font-family: Antique Olive bold

font-family: Arial normal
font-family: Arial lighter
font-family: Arial bolder
font-family: Arial bold

font-family: Arial Black normal
font-family: Arial Black lighter
font-family: Arial Black bolder
font-family: Arial Black bold

font-family: Arial Narrow normal
font-family: Arial Narrow lighter
font-family: Arial Narrow bolder
font-family: Arial Narrow bold

font-family: Arial Rounded MT Bold normal
font-family: Arial Rounded MT Bold lighter
font-family: Arial Rounded MT Bold bolder
font-family: Arial Rounded MT Bold bold

font-family: Book Antiqua normal
font-family: Book Antiqua lighter
font-family: Book Antiqua bolder
font-family: Book Antiqua bold

font-family: Bookman Old Style normal
font-family: Bookman Old Style lighter
font-family: Bookman Old Style bolder
font-family: Bookman Old Style bold

font-family: Braggadocio normal
font-family: Braggadocio lighter
font-family: Braggadocio bolder
font-family: Braggadocio bold

font-family: Brush Script MT normal
font-family: Brush Script MT lighter
font-family: Brush Script MT bolder
font-family: Brush Script MT bold

font-family: Century Schoolbook normal
font-family: Century Schoolbook lighter
font-family: Century Schoolbook bolder
font-family: Century Schoolbook bold

font-family: CG Times normal
font-family: CG Times lighter
font-family: CG Times bolder
font-family: CG Times bold

font-family: Comic Sans MS normal
font-family: Comic Sans MS lighter
font-family: Comic Sans MS bolder
font-family: Comic Sans MS bold

font-family: Courier New normal
font-family: Courier New lighter
font-family: Courier New bolder
font-family: Courier New bold

font-family: Cursive Elegant normal
font-family: Cursive Elegant lighter
font-family: Cursive Elegant bolder
font-family: Cursive Elegant bold

font-family: Haettenschweiler normal
font-family: Haettenschweiler lighter
font-family: Haettenschweiler bolder
font-family: Haettenschweiler bold

font-family: Impact normal
font-family: Impact lighter
font-family: Impact bolder
font-family: Impact bold

font-family: Matura MT Script Capitals normal
font-family: Matura MT Script Capitals lighter
font-family: Matura MT Script Capitals bolder
font-family: Matura MT Script Capitals bold

font-family: Modern normal
font-family: Modern lighter
font-family: Modern bolder
font-family: Modern bold

font-family: Old English normal
font-family: Old English lighter
font-family: Old English bolder
font-family: Old English bold

font-family: Times New Roman normal
font-family: Times New Roman lighter
font-family: Times New Roman bolder
font-family: Times New Roman bold

font-family: Univers normal
font-family: Univers lighter
font-family: Univers bolder
font-family: Univers bold

font-family: Verdana normal
font-family: Verdana lighter
font-family: Verdana bolder
font-family: Verdana bold

font-family: Zap Chance normal
font-family: Zap Chance lighter
font-family: Zap Chance bolder
font-family: Zap Chance bold

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