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CSS Example: Tables

Tables with CSS

Levels of HTML Elements
Element Long name Level (E)mpty/(R)eplaced
<A> Anchor Inline
<ABBR> Abbreviation Inline
<ACRONYM> Acronym Inline
<ADDRESS> Address Block
<APPLET> Java applet Inline or Block
<B> Bold text Inline
<BASEFONT> Base font Block Deprecated
<BDO> Bidirectional override Inline
<BIG> Inline Deprecated
<BODY> Block
<BR> Break Inline E
<BUTTON> Button Inline or Block
<CITE> Citation Inline
<CODE> Computer Code Inline
<DD> Definition Description Block
<DEL> Deleted text Inline or Block
<DFN> Defined Term Inline
<DL> Definition List Block
<DIV> Generic container Block
<DT> Definition Term Block
<EM> Emphasis Inline
<FIELDSET> Fieldset Block
<FONT> Font change Block Deprecated
<FORM> Form Block
<FRAMESET> Frameset Block
<H1>-<H6> Heading levels Block
<HR> Horizontal Rule Block E
<HTML> Block
<I> Italic Inline
<IFRAME> Inline frame Inline or Block
<IMG> Image Inline E,R
<INPUT> Form input Inline
<INS> Inserted text Inline or Block
<ISINDEX> Input Prompt Block Deprecated
<KBD> Keyboard Text input Inline
<LI> List Item Block
<LABEL> Form field label Inline
<LINK> Invisible E
<MAP> Image map Inline or Block
<MENU> Menu list Block Deprecated
<NOFRAMES> Alternate content Block
<NOSCRIPT> Alternate content Block
<OBJECT> Inline or Block R
<OL> Ordered List Block
<P> Paragraph Block
<PRE> Preformatted Block
<Q> Short Quote Inline
<S> Strike through text Block Deprecated
<SAMP> Sample Output Inline
<SELECT> Option Selector Inline
<SMALL> Small Text Inline
<SPAN> Generic container Inline
<SCRIPT> Script (client) Inline or Block
<STRIKE> Strike through text Block Deprecated
<STRONG> Emphasis Inline
<STYLE> Invisible
<SUB> Subscript Inline
<SUBMIT> Inline R
<SUP> Superscript Inline
<TABLE> Tabular data Block
<TBODY> Table Body Block
<TD> Table Data Cell Block
<TEXTAREA> Text input Inline R
<TFOOT> Table Footer Block
<TH> Table Header Cell Block
<THEAD> Table Header Block
<TITLE> Invisible
<TR> Table Row Block
<TT> Teletype Inline
<VAR> Variable Inline
<U> Underlined text Block Deprecated
<UL> Unordered List Block

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