About Tina

Tina Holmboe

Some personalia

Tina Holmboe is the owner and CEO of Greytower, as well as majority share–holder and CTO of Greytower Technologies (UK) Ltd. Working with the World Wide Web since the fall of 1993, she is the author of several articles, a long–time member of The Web Design Group, a teacher, and an accessibility advocate.

Spending the last twenty years fiddling with computers and the people who use them have given her a unique understanding of the interaction between the two. She takes kindly to the definition of “geek”; identifies as JAPH, and has over the years done programming in a variety of languages from Perl and Scheme to Java and Simula.

What amounts to her spare time is spent with a good book or anime; though she can quite often be found on Freenode's #web under the nick of “Windrose” — which MUD/MUSH she is currently frequenting is none of of anyone's business :)

Tina took ownership of CSS.nu and by proxy the CSS/PG in October of 2005.