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about rex

Some personalia

This is official…


Jan Roland Eriksson; my family and my love calls me Roland, some others call me Jan. Based on experience so far, I'm probably more used to Roland I think.

I'm not named after any of my known relatives, and i have been told that this was to avoid a possible family disagreement, but that's history now of course.


Oh yes, at 8.10 p.m. on a tuesday, quite late in the year 1948. Later I grew up in a small village called Sörfors, in the north part of Sweden.

That little village has a history of some 400 years where both steel and paper production has played a vital role as a source of income for people.

I have no idea if that background has had any influence at all on my later choice of profession.


Well, just one to tell the truth, but it was good enough. I got my engineering exam at the Technical College in Gävle 1967, where my main subjects was Electronics and Control system technology.

A job opportunity, as a lab-assistant at the school, came along just about the time I graduated. I "jumped" at that since I really liked the environment at the electronics lab.

Maybe I stayed on there for a few years to many, but eventually I got my self a new job in a small automation company and that's when I was "kicked" into steel mill automation projects.

in a Cougar fasihon

All over the world for the last 20 years, where ever there's a rolling mill around that needs some automation equipment.

Merchant Steel, Stainless Steel, High temp. alloys, Aerospace grade Titanium, I have done it all, and probably made a few guys loose their old jobs in the process.

They tell me that is the way to run things in a sound economical fashion, but it indicates to me that automation equipment is priced way too low and that I'm underpaid.

Some where along the line I have been thinking a bit on a couple of "philosophical" questions, like…

Why are machines invented to do jobs that humans can do better? …and…

Why are these machines not paying taxes on their income, like I have to do?

…followed by some private stuff

fragments of life:

SHE just "fell" into my life in November 1974, and five years later, also in November, we got married. Later in the fall of 1994 she got a last gift "from the devil him self", skeleton cancer, and as a result of that she died in july 1995.

But eventually life goes on, and interest in the WWW served as the impetus for falling in love with someone half a world away.


No, the "evil one" saw to that.

like some of my roses

Used to be electronics, from the age of 10, slowly changed into computer tech starting already 1964 when I was an apprentice at one of IBM's Swedish service centers.

Had an opportunity to work as an apprentice in a traditional "lead" print shop in the beginning of the 70'ies. Learned the basics of typography there, which is the base for an interest in CSS today.

In the beginning of the 90'ies, when rest of Sweden went "golf crazy" I started riding horses instead. Cat's and horses are my favorite animals as a fact.

And I do know a bit about how to grow roses on top of that.

Ok, that's enough for now…


Jan Roland Eriksson