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Tina Holmboe

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“ These two elements designate quoted text. BLOCKQUOTE is for long quotations (block-level content) and Q is intended …”
“ The User–Agent request–header field contains information about the user agent originating the request. …”
“ All elements have a line-height property that, in principle, gives the total height of a line of text. Space …”
“ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) represent the next evolution of HTML. This guide presents all the key features of CSS i…”
“ — …”
“ Aimed at programmers in the middle range of the profession in terms of language used (above HTML and below XML), this…”
“ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enable us to style and lay out HTML data on a web page without the use of messy “t…”
“ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a standard that provides an easy and manageable way to add style and layout to Web pa…”
“ DHTML object model; introduction to cascading style sheets; advanced CSS; netscape and JASS; netscape layers; netwcap…”
“ Designed to aid the move from Web programmer to desktop publisher, this guide provides a solid background in the elem…”
“ Finally, the smoke is clearing on the technology which unleashes the full capabilities of the worlds web browsers: DH…”
“ If you’re tired of programming manuals that start with trivial details and examples and illustrate only the mos…”
“ In the fall of 2005, Jan Roland “Rex” Eriksson, maintainer of CSS.nu, came to the conclusion that hi…”
“ Information that should allow developers to create or enhance Web sites with increased interactivity is offered in th…”
“ Style Sheets bring similar formatting and control standards to the Web that desktop publishers have used for years. W…”
“ The next revolutionary extension of HTML, Dynamic HTML, gives Webmasters the technologies needed to create stunning m…”
“ This is the quick get–started guide to moving to this entirely new way of designing Web pages. Style sheets wil…”
“ This isn’t a hard–core programming book; it isn’t geared toward someone who has a computer science …”
“ This text covers the history, principles and theory behind human–computer interactions, with reference informat…”
“ With Cascading Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML, you can build sites that load faster, look hotter, and work better than…”
“ For any one that has been around long enough to know the “story” on how some parts of CSS even…”