“Mission” Statement

This document attempt to describe what it is we do, why we decided to do it, and the common philosophy of those writing for dev–archive.net.

Tina Holmboe


This site, and its invited authors, are dedicated to providing high–quality articles on a variety of topics from Perl to CSS, from Javascript to accessibility. It is also a repository for the information once gathered on CSS.nu by the CSSPG.

That’s our first–page blurb, and it is correct, as far it goes. By its very nature restricted, it has no chance of telling the full story. The first part can be illustrated more completely by this text from the original CSS.nu site:

In the fall of 2005, Jan Roland “Rex” Eriksson, maintainer of CSS.nu, came to the conclusion that his life took a different path from that of the site. He therefore sought to find someone to shoulder the task of keeping it alive, and, in October 2005, Tina Holmboe of Greytower Technologies took up the mantle.

We are now happy to tell you that the site has now passed in ownership, and from the 25thof October 2005 is, as it were, under new management and sponsored by Greytower Technologies, with the aid of several volunteers. Our first task will be a thorough review of the material and structure, which is why you will see no immediate changes. In time we will add new material.

We would like to thank Rex, Sue, and Toby for their amazing work with CSS.nu, and wish them all the best in whatever endeavours they strive for.

It soon became apparent to us — the team that started rebuilding CSS.nu — that while it was all fine and good ... it wasn’t enough. We have rather a lot of material, spread out across several sites, and we wanted to gather it together under a different umbrella than the somewhat restricted in scope CSSPG.

For this purpose we created dev–archive.net — as a collection point for reviewed and solid articles on development. The majority will be related to the Web, but we are not limited by this fact.


Regardless of topic, and regardless of their purpose in writing, every author who contributes to dev–archive.net shares a desire for accuracy, precision, and quality.